Monday, July 4

The Fish, the Jaguar, and the Leopard

The Fish


To say that yesterday was simply "hot" would be an understatement.  I was lucky to get some pictures taken before I went out and melted, and in order to combat the heat, this was what I wore.  I found this "dress" at Ross on the clearance rack for $4.99.  On the hanger, it was so huge and shapeless that I wasn't sure what it was and passed it up.  But then it reminded me of this dress from I Take Photos in the Bathroom*, and although this Ross piece is not as lovely as Kate's Lilly Pulitzer dress, curiosity got the best of me and I brought it home.  I've had it for a couple of weeks and attempted to wear it a few times, but chickened out...I mean, I'm still not sure what it is...a beach cover-up?  a muu muu?  a really large, sized-small shirt?  But for five bucks, I'll just do what Tim Gunn always says on Project Runway:  "Make it work."  So, for the summer, I'll make it work as a little dress, and for the fall, maybe I'll wear it as a tunic over leggings.  And to add a bit more color interest to the blue, I finally decided to wear my yellow thong sandals from Gap...they're still being sold online, but I got them a couple of weeks ago for about $10.

Anyway, yesterday, I took P to visit his Grammy.  One of my brothers, one of my sisters, and each of their (older) sons stopped by to visit also.  My sister and my nephew brought their huge Retriever/Chow mix dog named Joey that is three times the size of P, but equally as playful.  We were all curious to see who would get tired first...P or the dog?
Poor Joey.

I actually wish we had a dog of our own.  But, as you can see from the first pic, we have a cat. Coco.  I really don't like cats, but Coco is special....he doesn't act like a normal cat.   He's actually kind of like a dog.  Truthfully, we call him our cat-dog.
Poor Coco.

The Jaguar
(sorry for the sucky picture)                 
Dress - Forever 21, Shoes - Ralph Lauren (TJ Maxx, '10)
Cuff Bracelet - my sister (but she got it from F21)
Bangle - The Limited
Jaguar Pendant - F21

After my battle with the excessive heat, I came home, showered, refreshed, and attempted to, ahem, transform  into a decent looking human being for a night out at the movies...Guess which movie we saw??

The Leopard

Tank - Forever 21, Jeans - Gap ('10)
Shoes - Steve Madden (TJ Maxx, '10)
Belt - Liz Claiborne (old)

Today, I went to my in-laws and filled up my belly with some great barbecue!
Although this really was the best picture out of the few that I took (trust me, I didn't choose it just so I could expose my freakish shoulder to you all...or my pink bra strap), it's kinda hard to see the little leopard print belt (with red buckle) that I threw in to add a little fun to my stripes and boyfriend blue jeans.

So, that's it!
3 (outfits) + 1 (post) = 4(th of July)

I hope everyone is having, or has had, a good one. 
Happy Independence Day!

*for some reason, the links that I embed aren't showing up on the published versions of my posts (is anyone else having this problem???), so for added reference, the link is


  1. Oh, so many things to say! First off, HOTTIE!! You must have made the hot day even hotter! ;) I love the tunic and yellow sandals!

    Hmmm... I'm guessing Transformers? ;) And last, I absolutely love that leopard belt with the stripes!! You look gorgeous!

  2. Love all three looks!!!! You look great hon'! The first outfit is def. my favorite!!!

  3. You are so stinkin' cute, girl. I love the fish dress and love that you rocked it one-shouldered. I always love how this looks, but can't do it because I fidget too much. And the yellow shoes? Perfection! Oh, and your up-do is super-chic, too. Need I go on? Ok, your boobs look amazing in that tank ;)

  4. Oh, and another reason I think we were separated at birth: We always comment about how our dog, Martha, is really more like a cat...

  5. Love all the looks, really like that first one! :))) love the blue and yellow.

    Thanks for the lovely comment!

  6. Tiffany - Hmmm....maybe I should have changed the post title to "Hot Girl"!!! And yes, we did see Transformers!

    Roni - Thank you!

    Erin - You never cease to crack me up! And as far as the boobs comment: Bless you for that!!! =)

    Inez - Thank you so much!

  7. You remind me so much of Brandy (the singer)! Both of you are stylish and stunning. I like how you pulled a Tim Gunn and "Made it Work" for you! Haha! The yellow sandals are FANTASTIC!

    Get Up & Go

  8. Wow. Wow. And, wow! Freakish shoulder? You look buff! Do you lift weights?

  9. Sarah - I used to get that so much when I was a teenager! At one point, I had my hair braided and that definitely didn't help! Lol!

    EoS - Why, thanks for the triple Wow! And I don't lift weights...which is why it's so freakish!

  10. Oh my gosh! I LOVE your blue fish dress. If you ever decide to get rid of it, please send it my way :) I think you really rocked it, especially with the yellow sandals.

    And no, you don't want a dog. I love my dog with all my heart, but after last week's escape episode - no more dogs for me!

  11. Gahh, that fish dress is SUBLIME. Great shoes, too.

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
    Follow @UnraveldThreads on twitter!

  12. you are just adorable and so is your blog! happy i found it :)

  13. These looks, look great on you! I love how you styled the first dress that was too big

    Live Life in Style

  14. All three looks are nice but the fish is my FAVORITE. I am eyeing those yellow sandals :)