Saturday, July 9

Sans Maxi-Boobs

Today, I'm just hanging with my boys, so it's a relaxed look for me.

Don't be frightened by the hair...I'm trying low-maintenance hairstyles for the summer.  This was the result of sleeping with two french braids.  I haven't worn my hair like this in probably ten years...and back then it was longer with cool blonde streaks in the front.  Man.  I'm getting boring.

Anyway, because we were actually going out and about for a little bit, I decided to (again) combat the heat with an easy dress, while still trying to look mommy-cool and wifey-hot (but not easy). 

The result was this hot pink maxi. 

Now, this isn't the type of maxi that I would normally gravitate towards.  I really wasn't going to buy it (from Ross) at first because if you look at the front (from the above pic) and then the back (from the below pic), this dress (in my opinion) requires more than what I have.  This dress (again, in my opinion) requires

(even though it's blurry, you still get the picture!)

In other words,  I don't have "maxi-boobs" assets, in this dress, would be more like liabilities. 
Anyway, I couldn't pass this dress up because it was on clearance for $8, and lucky for me, I was able to find one of my strapless bras that was low enough to not be seen from the back and looks like a tank from the front! 

So now me and my girls can go out and enjoy the day with my boys! 

(By the way, if you don't have fake ones and can pull this dress off without a bra...please share your secret.)

Have a great weekend!


  1. HOLY HOTNESS, BATMAN! Ok, first of all, I love the hair. Second, I love the dress. Third, I would NEVER have known that was a bra. Fourth, I thought you were dressed up for date night! That just goes to show how skewed your own impression of yourself can be! You look hot. You look amazing. You look effortless and flawless. AND WHY THE HELL AREN'T YOU WEARING MORE MAXI DRESSES IF YOU LOOK THIS GOOD IN THEM??

  2. Hahaha!!! Do I hear ya about the boobs?!? After having two kids, it take A LOT to keep them looking decent. lol But you look absolutely AMAZING in that dress! Gorgeous!! And I love love love the hair!

  3. Aww...I think you are totally rocking this dress! The pink color is so perfect on your skin tone and screams summer! The back looks unique and fun as well...and your hair looks great!

  4. That has been my biggest complaint this summer while trying on maxi dresses Kish! Your fix is quite good though, I really love your look!

  5. I really like that pink on you (and I think halter-type necklines compliment your collar bone and shoulders)!
    My secret to going bra-less is being almost flat chested, so you probably don't want to trade LOL

  6. I would have given anything to wear something like that when younger. However, they didn't make bras that could hold the girls then. Lucky you that there are such nice bras out now.

  7. Girl, you look hot in this dress! This color is gorgeous on you too.

    And unfortunately, I am not one to give good advice on holding the girls in, because I don't have much up there either. I think you pulled it off nicely with the strapless bra.

  8. Maxi boobs - BAHAHAHAHA!

    I'm SO glad you got this because you really look amazing in it. And how perfect that the strapless bra works from the front AND the back that way! Hooray!

    I can't wear dresses without bras. It doesn't work for me. Ever. Not cute.

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  9. You are so funny and look AMAZING!!! The color is beautiful on you and your boobs look amazing!!

  10. Oh, and I can never ever wear anything without a bra - I can barely even wear a strapless bra!!

  11. This dress is super hot on you! I love the hot pink and I love that you made it work with a strapless bra....I dont have much going on for me in that department so I can go braless (depending on the fabric) without much issue

  12. lmao at your "more than what I have" comment! From the front you look pretty full actually! Thanks for following my blog, your braidout looks nice and tousled!!!

  13. What the heck is wrong with your hair? Absolutely nothing! Loving the hot pink maxi. Picked up one from Old Navy that I've yet to wear. My problem is no boobs to fill out the dresses (major sad face). Toss on some accessories next wear.

  14. Great dress on you...super hotness. :) And I feel you on the maxi-boobness (or lack there of). It makes be shy away from those super cute maxis with the deep V cut. But you are so smart to pair it with the cami-bra. I will be on the look out for one that can expand my maxi horizons! ;)

  15. Oooohh SUPER hot dress! Love it!!

    OK, so I read your comment on one of my Insanity blog posts and i KNOW you would have FANTASTIC results with Insanity! You look fit already- which is a plus for doing this program. I consider myself to be would honestly be SO hard for someone who NEVER works out, ever, to go into this DVD workout without first doing some sort of other workouts...YIKES! It looks so easy when you're watching from your couch. LOL. I even popped the DVDs in to pre-watch them days ahead of time. Didn't even remotely prepare me :)

    Let me know what you decide to get: Insanity or P90X. Frankly, I love them BOTH and glad I have both in my aresenal. They're two very different workouts and worth every penny.