Tuesday, April 3

Public Servant Announcement

Jacket - Gap
Dress - Forever 21
Belt - Thrifted
Shoes - Jessica Simpson (Dillards)

Do you like hats?
I wear a hat everyday...even when I'm not wearing a hat...

...Tour Guide...
...Public Servant...

Sigh. Today was one of those days.
If you are a teacher...you know what I mean.

And if you are a parent of a school-aged child (particularly upper-grade level age)...please consider all of the things that a teacher has to go through during an 8-plus hour day.  And please ensure that you are doing your part at home (not saying that you aren't) to bridge the gap between home and school.  It's not just about teaching anymore.  The men and women who are entrusted to educate our children have a lot of hats to wear.
And if you don't understand this,
 please refer to the list above.


  1. Well said. Teachers are definitely all these things. Thanks to all you teachers out there, for real :)

  2. kudos to you and all teachers. i know it's not an easy job, but a very important one. we thank you!


  3. Awe, great post and you look great!!! xx


  4. OK, shallow stuff out the way first - you look great! I really like that belt with the dress, and the jean jacket.

    Teachers work hard. I think people expect a lot out of their public servants, sometimes too much!

    The Suburb Experiment

  5. AMEN. :)

    And you look fantastic.

  6. LOVE this - that dress is so cute! And I love a pair of orange wedges.

    I have friends who are teachers - I get it. What I do NOT get, however, are the parents who don't hold their kids accountable for anything and place all the blame on the teacher? I am NOT one of those parents and I shall never be one of those parents!

  7. Great post Kish, so so true!! And I love that dress with the orange wedges.

  8. Teaching is one profession that I admire. I'm not a teacher, but I always say that I don't have the patience to deal with all the things that you guys go through. Hats off to all of you! You guys are like second parents to the kids that you are entrusted with, and I wish more parents would realize and appreciate that.

    Cute dress and wedges by the way :)


  9. That sounds really stressful Kish! I have to be honest, besides the discount offered to teachers by LOFT and such stores, I certainly don't envy your positon. It seems that kids nowdays are not taught to respect, to be ethical or to take responsability....but I think I may be showing my age here! Lol However, your outfit is adorable! I love the way you've used a striped belt over a chevron stripe dress :)

  10. I kick my heels & my hat off to you!!!! Bless your heart... Btw, your dress is supa cute!

  11. Girl I feel every bit of this post!!!! Every single bit of it! Gotta love our profession. Today is the last day of the quarter for us so you know it's "Miss can I turn in this and miss can I turn in that?" Ofcourse this is stuff that was due 9 weeks ago. SMH. Gotta love our babies though. I LOVE this dress and the wedges! You look too cute!

  12. YESSS!!! Parents will NEVER fully understand what a teacher does throughout the day, I am convinced. Teachers dont get paid enough!!

  13. Yup, and I'm sure we could add way more roles to that list! Really LOVE your dress!!

  14. Oh my goodness, Kish, I'm starting to figure that out. That it's not just about teaching. Kids come to school with SO many issues and many of them have parents that just aren't all that involved in their lives. *sigh* You're amazing, Kish!! I hope I can be as good a teacher as you are! And as stylish, too... because that adorable striped dress with the denim jacket and wedges is Perfecto! ;)