Saturday, April 21

Details Possibly Unnoticed by My Old Camera:
Green & Black Striped Maxi - Target
Flyaway Mesh Cardigan - Express
Black & Gold Grommet Belt - Target
Zebra Striped Earrings - Target
Purse - swapped with a friend
Happy Saturday!

This dress was a "love at first sight" item, although it took me a couple of stores to track down my size. 
The best thing about this dress is that it is striped!
The worst thing about this dress is that the material is so slinky/heavy, it literally hangs off of me.  For example, what you don't see is the large safety pin tightening the racerback straps so that my chest isn't completely exposed.  And the belt, along with some strategic tucking, is a necessity, otherwise I would be wading in a pool of striped material.

After attempting to wear this dress a couple of times before here and here, I've realized that a skinny, non-contrasting belt is definitely better than a wide or contrasting belt when you combine wide stripes on a person with a short waist.  Hmmm...I think this teacher just taught herself something new.  ;)

Anyway, after a rainy day yesterday, the weather is a little cool, so this thin cardi comes in handy.  It actually used to be some kind of wrap around thing, but I cut off the belt part so now I have a flyaway cardi!

Next week I'll be taking a trip to Chicago for a Reading exciting!  By the way, if anyone lives in Chicago, or close to it, would you mind sharing what the weather is like right now...or give some tips on how to dress?  Since the week is usually really busy, I'll be spending today out and about getting the necessities that one needs on a 3-day professional trip.  You know: new shoes, clothes, accessories, purses....

....Just kidding (kind of).

Have a good weekend!


  1. That dress looks great! A maxi dress is on my summer clothing wish list because I ::gasp:: have never owned one! I hope I find a cute one like that with stripes. Have fun in Chicago, don't know what the weather is like right now, but it's a great city!

  2. Hi Kish, I saw your blog via your reply on "Fashion For Giants". Your maxi is just terrific. I'm really admiring those right now because I just started wearing them! (can you believe that?) And your flyaway cardi is just the right touch. Have fun on your trip. I believe "" is in Chicago.

  3. Oh, how fun!! Have a good time in Chicago! I can't even tell that dress is all stretchy. lol It looks so cute on you!