Tuesday, April 17

Wearing the White Blazer

Blazer - Forever 21
Double-Layered Tank - Banana Republic Factory
Cobalt Blue Pants - Express
Hot Pink Shoes - Calvin Klein (DSW)

When I shop at Forever 21, I try to be careful with my purchases because it's very easy to lose one's mind (and money) in such a trendy store with ridiculously cheap prices (and quality to match sometimes, but that's another story).

But when I saw this blazer last October or November, I fell so in love with the tucking details in the shoulder and the tuxedo style of the lapels that there was no question that I had to have it.  I have to admit, though, that I was a little nervous about it.  Even while standing in line, I vacillated between making a purchase that would possibly be sentenced to a life of hanging, unworn, in my closet because I wouldn't really know who to wear or style it OR saving myself the money and trouble from another non-refundable F21 piece.  (Yeah, I could always exchange within 14 days, but that, for me, just creates more rigmarole.  Am I the only one who feels this way??)

Well, I obviously made the purchase, but I also cursed the hell out of F21's return/exchange policy well after the 14 day sanction.  I was so scared to wear this blazer!  I was scared of not styling it well enough...I was scared of it wearing me... I was scared that it was "too much" to wear to work...And, of course, I was scared of getting dirty.   

Anyway, I finally realized that I was just putting way too much thought into "wearing the white blazer" and should just wear the d**n thing. 

So today, I did.

And the funny thing (at least to me) is that I was so caught up in finally wearing the white blazer this morning, that I totally forgot about trying to complete my look with some extra accessories.

Huh. Maybe next time.


  1. Loving the white blazer & you are wearing the d**m thang!!!! Lol

  2. I love a white blazer! Just a few days ago I discovered I had one in my closet! I completely forgot about it lol. But girl, you are wearing that blazer! It sure isn't wearing you ;)

    I feel you on the F21 return policy. It annoys me sometimes.


  3. You know I'm totally over here screeching "white blazer!" at my computer screen right now. "Whiiiiite blaaaaazzzzzer!"

    I want.

  4. Oh my word, you look AMAZING! And I've been looking everywhere for a white blazer just like that. I love it! I especially love the pop of pink in the shoes too. :)

  5. And you are wearing it SO well!! I love love LOVE the way you styled it! I'm with Jenn. I want one, too!!

  6. The blazer looks cute...and so perfect with the blue!

  7. Oh, love! Now you're not making me feel so badly - I bought an adorable 3/3-sleeve white blazer from The Limited about six weeks ago. I had like, PLANS for this blazer. Guess what? It's still sitting on the same rack in the utility room, tags on, that I hung it on when I got it home the day I bought it. Lame, over here. I really like the bold colors you've put with yours... I may have to steal. Oh, I'm going to Pin you! (Don't worry, it won't hurt.)

  8. Girl I feel ya about F21s return policy. When I go in there and find stuff I like but know I shouldn't buy, I try them on hoping they won't fit giving me an out! Lol. You styled the blazer nicely though!

  9. Whew...so I guess I won't feel so self-concious wearing this blazer again...thanks, ladies.

    Melissa: So glad to "see" you!

    Jenn: LoL!

    Taylor: You CRACK ME UP!!! I've never been pinned before...sound cool!

    High Heels: Amen to trying stuff on in F21 in hopes that they won't fit...been there too many times.

  10. you are just too cute!! I am loving your bun, makes the outfit complete

  11. I love this look from head to toe! I'm a big fan of the white blazer - I get super paranoid about mine. Like the day I wear it will be the day that my coffee will drip down the front of me. I'm loving the white with the blue - must copy immediately!