Thursday, April 26


Blouse - Express
Sexy Boot Jeans- Gap
Wedges - Michael Kors (Macy's)

So, I've come to the realization that my mirror must lie to me every morning.

My mirror will say to me:
"Ooh, yeah, these "sexy boot" jeans will make your legs look really lean."

But then the pictures say:
"Guurl, what's not sexy are those baggy knees."

The mirror will say:
"Ooh, yeah, these wedges with the jeans will make your legs look reeeaaally loooong....".

But the pictures say:
"Guurl, those shoes don't fool me.  You just look like a short person...with baggy knees...walking on blocks."

And the mirror will also say to me:
"Ooh, yeah, I like how the loose, untucked blouse has a cool vibe."

But the pictures say:
"Guurl, tuck that shirt in.  You want to add extra pounds to your waistline?!!"

Okay, so now that I am enlightened,
I think it's time for a new mirror.

And camera.


  1. That's hilarious Kish! (I think our mirror's are related somehow) Lol

  2. i LOVE those jeans!!! Im a jean freak

  3. I think you look great. Maybe I'm related to your mirror. :) I like the leopard belt.

    The Suburb Experiment

  4. quite the contrary! I think you look great in these flare jeans? This is exactly how I like to wear mine.

  5. mess! U look great silly woman :-)

  6. Hahah!! I think you look fantastic!! I especially love the messy tuck. Lately, that's all I've been doing. I think it actually disguises the extra pounds I've been packing lately. Hehe

  7. LOL! Girl you are a trip! You look great to me! I gave you an award at my blog! Please stop by and pick it up!