Monday, August 8

Endings and Beginnings

Dress - New York & Co via Ross
Tie - M's (little) side of the closet
Shoes - Target (very cheap at $5.00...but blister-inducing!)

Sooo....I've mentioned before that my summer was quickly coming to an end. 
Well, it's not officially over,'s officially over.  Here's why:

Last week, I taught an AP Bridging class for 7th and 8th was only for four days, but I was worn out after day one.  Hence, this is why you only get a picture of day one's outfit....I just couldn't muster the energy to take pics after that.  Isn't that sad?

Today, I got the keys to my classroom and arranged my room and my desk. (That's my workout for the rest of the yea! Just kidding...kind of...)

Tomorrow, I'll be helping out with the sixth grade registration. (Should I take a Tylenol now or later?)

Wednesday, is my anniversary.  And an all-day workshop. (Great timing....)

Thursday is my son's pre-K Open House...and also my school's Open House for sixth graders.  (Can we say "great timing" again?)

And then Friday will be P's first day of school ever!  I'm so excited about it!  I'm glad that it's my last day of summer 'cuz I'll get to experience it with him.  It will be my first time taking him to school

Aaaaaand it will probably be my last time, too.  Boooo! His school and mine are on two different schedules which will make it difficult for me to drop him off every morning and impossible for me to pick him up in the afternoon.  I've always imagined that I would be sitting in the carpool lane waiting for him, but I guess that will have to be daddy-son time.
On another note, while P will be starting school for the first time this coming Friday, my husband finished his two-year program for respiratory therapy this past Friday!  Yea for M!

There was a little celebration in his honor on Saturday.  Some of his family from Louisiana traveled here to celebrate, which made him extra happy. It was really a fun time. 

And I did manage to get a pic of what I wore (by the way...that is NOT armpit hair that you see....promise!):

Dress - Target
Tank - Gap
Belt - Forever 21
Sandals - Ralph Lauren, Dillards 

I've worn this dress before here (I hate how some of the stripes never stay fully horizontal!),  and, interestingly enough, it was to celebrate M's birthday!  Anyway, this time, I was able to put into practice my cool knotting skills:  the belt-knot which I acquired from Designgirl (Thanks, dear!) and my maxi-knot (which kept un-knotting if that's a real action word).  And, I practiced some new eye-makeup tricks of layering two different eyeliner shades (navy on top of black)...which you can't really tell, but I did! 

So, as my lazy days of summer continue winding down, there is one good thing to look forward to:

Fall Fashions!

But then again,  I probably won't really begin wearing anyway until, like, November, when there is any semblance of less-than-hot weather here.....

Sigh....Oh, well.


  1. You look amazing! I LOVE the tie as a belt. Love it.

  2. So glad to see a post from you and we get two photos! The tie as a belt is genius! And I love the maxi!

    I cried when both girls started school, its a good and sad thing all rolled into one:-)


  3. Oh, I love love love the tie as a belt! And the way you knotted that skinny belt too. It looks like you had some serious twisty action going on. =)

    You've had LOTS going on the past week or so! Congrats to M!! I'm not a fan of winter, but I'm actually looking forward to fall/winter fashions this year, too!

  4. Oh, congratulations to M and to P for starting school!

    I love that maxi dress on you - I didn't get it because it was cut so skimpy on top because somehow I didn't think to layer it over a tank like you did. You look great.

  5. A striped maxi? From Target? You are speaking my language! Love that dress - you look fantastic!

  6. Cute looks both of them! Such a good idea to use the tie as a belt! Creative
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  7. I love that blue dress on you, it's fabulous! Sounds like your week is going to be insanely hectic...(might want to go ahead and book the spa day now right?!) hee

  8. Good luck with all of the chaos that is to come :) You will look adorable throughout it all!

  9. Cute outfits! I like the tie belt. Good luck with the start of the year :)

  10. HI! I love that maxi dress! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)