Thursday, August 11

My First Open House

(sigh) Don't ask me what that kid in the background was doing.
I can tell you what he was NOT doing, though:
 getting dressed for his first Open House!
Dress - Ross (old)
Belt - ?
Shoes - Target
Purse that I stalked for several months
until it was marked down from $400 to $100 - Gaetano Navarra, TJ Maxx

This year, as a teacher, I will be participating in my sixth Open House/Meet the Teacher event.

Yet, today, as a mother, I participated in my first Open House/Meet the Teacher event.


There was no crying.

No worries about not making friends or not liking the teacher.

No balling up in a corner in fear of the new surroundings.

Nope.  None of that.  Just a brave face and readiness for a new start.

Oh, and P did really well, too.  ;)


  1. You're living so exciting times!!!! All the luck for both of you!

    The LBD you're wearing is just perfect on you!

  2. You look so lovely! Congrats! Kids grow up soooo fast. Thanks for putting me on to more FL bloggers. I appreciate you :-)

  3. Talk about the tables being turned, that must have felt odd! Glad you are ready for school. Oh I mean P is ready for school :)

  4. This outfit is adorable! Love everything especially the necklace and the shoes.

    Glad you made it through this great milestone with P too :)


  5. Adorable! I love how you tied the cute! Glad you made it through open house :)

  6. Congrats on making it through and you look fantastic! Isn't it weird/funny how going to a new place to meet new people still makes us all feel like a new kid going into a strange classroom in the middle of the school year? ;o)

  7. Awww you look fabulous! I can't believe your little guy is going to school. It's a little bit sad, huh? I was stressing out earlier about whether or not to switch Gabe now (Pre-K3) or wait until K5. I wish he didn't ever have to change schools, so that he could keep his little friends forever. lol

  8. First of all, you look great. Second, I am so glad to hear that YOU, even as a teacher, go through these thoughts. I've had knots in my stomach all morning because I think I've already annoyed Charlie's preschool teacher with a few too many email questions. I'm going to explain myself to you in hopes of absolution:

    First, he is my first child.
    Second, he is my only child.
    Third, I am new at this (duh, preschool) and have never sent him to daycare, so I'm scared for both of us.
    Fourth, we are about to move ACROSS THE COUNTRY (of which she is aware), so certain things needed to be accomplished here in Tacoma, i.e., procuring a clean bill of health and vaccine reports (one of my many questions to her) and assuring myself that Charlie would be helped at potty time when it comes to pulling up his pants (I didn't know if they had some kind of hands-off policy that would force him to wander around with his shorts around his ankles or if I should buy him only huge elastic-waist pants)
    Sixth (what number am I on?), my fellow parent-friend asked me if I had gotten the list of school supplies yet. WHAT LIST?? So I emailed her and politely asked if she would mind sending me said list. She said we had already e-mail-discussed this and I agreed to wait until we meet to receive his packet (oops).

    Ok, so you're probably already sympathizing with her, but don't I get any points for being an interested and involved parent? No? Shit. I hope she doesn't take out her disgust with me on Charlie. I promise to be a model parent from here on out.

    Kish, please tell me I haven't ruined his entire educational future by being me!

  9. Ok, I probably should have emailed that last "comment"...sorry...

  10. Love the pink accessories and that bag is fabulous. You look great. Glad you both did well. :)

  11. Love the belt...You look great!

  12. So fun, what a memorable day! Haha you're son is too cute. I love what you wore!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  13. Your son is adorable and I'm sure he get's it from his Mommy!!!! U look FAB!!!!