Tuesday, June 7

Really Strange and Very Perplexing

{Dress - Mossimo, Target (recent purchase); Tank - The Limited; Sandals - Ann Marino, DSW (old)}

Sooo...I went to school today.  BUT only to drop off a library book. 

It was when I pulled up to the front of the school that I saw the strangest and most perplexing thing:

there were four kids lolling around the front of the building.

My first thought was, "We're not having summer school here..."

My second thought was, "...waaaaaayyy too early for registration..."

And my third thought was, "...so why in the he** are these kids here?"

Interestingly enough, three out of four of the kiddos were mine this past year (great kids, by the way), so after I jumped out of my car I was greeted with salutations and hugs (as though we haven't seen each other in forever...which has really only been all of, ummmm...four days?)

Still stuck on my third thought, I decided to ask out loud, "What in the heck are y'all doing here?!"

And you know what they said?

"Nothing.  Just hangin' out."



AT. SCHOOL.?????!!!!


I really can't wrap my brain around that one.  What do y'all think? 

Too much sun exposure already???? 

Anyway, this is my first outfit post for the summer, and all thanks to M!  Today was his birthday so we escaped from P and had a late lunch at Pappa's Seafood Restaurant.  He enjoyed huge shrimp sandwiched between huge French bread (aka a shrimp poboy), but his biggest gift (only slightly larger than that humongous poboy) was wrapped in green and black stripes.  Can you guess what it was? 

Good guess.  ;)


  1. Mmmkay, LOVE this dress on you! And it's perfect with the tank and belt!! Also your accessories are just right. Jeez, woman, I saw that dress on the hangar and didn't have your vision! You look GOR-JUS! Oh, and happy birthday to M (best present ever, btw)!

  2. Kids are weird. Really.

    You look AMAZING in that dress, I love it! Hope you had a great birthday celebration - I'm pretty sure he liked his gift! :)

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  3. I love that dress and the belt...You look amazing!!! and I am sure he loved his present :)

  4. You look great! I'm sure you were the bestest of presents ;)

  5. Wow! Thanks ladies for the awesome comments...I feel like it's my birthday! LOL!

  6. Thank you so much for commenting on our blog. Your sweet comments made my day!

    You look fabulous in this dress! I love maxi dresses. You can dress them up or down, so they can pull double duty. Hope you had a nice birthday celebration.

  7. Sounds like they're creatures of habit to me! Lol Happy B'day to your sweet hubby....great gift!! (your blog is looking fantastic ;)

  8. You are lucky to be out of school! My mom's school doesn't get out until the 23rd - can you imagine? Eeep!

    I bet M was VERY happy with his beautifully gift-wrapped present. :)


  9. H/K: No problem! And thank YOU!
    Callandra: Thanks for the feedback on the blog layout. I hope it's not too busy.
    TSE: Tee-hee...he was happy! ;)

  10. You look gorgeous in that maxi dress! You have such a great way of putting things together perfectly!

  11. oooooh la la the maxi dress looks divine on ya! love it! Funny kids story, sounds fishy to me.

    I am following you. Hoping you would come visit somtime?!

    xo Nav

  12. Stripes! You have my attention. Love how you belted it and the length is still there. I can live in maxi dresses. Well I practically do during the summer when I'm going out. Seafood is one of my faves. What did you guys order?