Thursday, March 29

Special Delivery

Pink Cardigan - Banana Republic
Scarf - from my mom
Top - Loft
Pants - Express
Shoes - Target

I'd like to deliver some advice... juuuuust for you:

Whenever you get dressed in a pair of pants that are too big and sag in the waist, don't use a large safety pin in the front in order to hold those pants up.

Why, you ask?

Cuz wearing pants that are saggy +

Constant fumbling with your, uh, lower abdomen area +

Not a good look in the "frontal-nether-regions"

Trust me...Not good at all.  I mean, every time I stood up, it was like I was...standing up.  And you can only try to make so many adjustments in front of a bunch of twelve-year olds before you start to look suspicious!

So, anyway, now that you've received my package, please do not return to sender, 'kay?


  1. lol. Kish, you are a mess! I laughed so hard at this post because I've totally done this and you're right, it's NOT a good look!

  2. LMBO...too funny but great advice! Lovely scarf!

  3. Lol!! You are too funny Kish :) Yay for spring/summer colors, this outfit is so ladylike and summer ready!

  4. Ha! Oh dear. What a problem! The good news is that I *love* this look! The colors are so soft and feminine and you are totally making me want to pull out some white pants!

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  6. Hahaha!! That's too funny. At least the colors in the outfit look amazing! That scarf is so pretty and feminine.