Monday, March 19

A Big Deal, Part 1 of 3

Navy Tee - Gap
Navy Striped Skirt - Talbots (TJ Maxx)
Shoes - Michael Kors (Dillards)
Okay, so last summer, I actually purchased this skirt.
And then I returned it...
but only because the size that I purchased was a little too tight and not really because it cost over $60.

Now, fast forward to this past weekend.  I was at the TJ Maxx near my house, and was surprised at the number of items from Talbots that I saw from the last couple of seasons (well, surprised and excited!).  But you'll have to wait for those little pieces.

Yesterday, on my way home from visiting my mom, I was dealing with a devil on my shoulder.  He kept telling me that I should stop in at the TJ Maxx I recently discovered that is en route from there.  He kept saying that there could be more items from Talbots that didn't make it to my local store.  He kept saying that I could be missing that one item.  He kept saying that it was only fair that I check out what they have.

So I gave in.

And as soon as I walked into the petite's section, there was this skirt.

And it was $14.99.

And I realized that that l'il devil was really an angel in disguise.


  1. glad to see you back on my blogroll. i like this look and im definitely loving your last posted look as well. Hope to see more of your creations

  2. Ha, don't you love it when God gets involved in our shoping habits? lol ;) I'm officially jealous. That skirt is SUPER cute!!

  3. Amen to Tiffany's comment. I love black & white stripes on any item. The pop of color with shoes from one of my favorite designers is a plus. Your hair is getting longer (: