Wednesday, March 28

A Big Deal (Part 2 of 3)

Navy striped dress-disguised-as-a-tee - Forever 21
Emerald Green Silk Skirt - Talbots (TJ Maxx)
Shoes- Calvin Klein (DSW)
Belt - Goodwill
Necklace - Talbots

So...last week, I posted about this Talbots skirt that I coveted last summer and was fated to meet again a few weeks ago.  And I teased y'all with another great Talbots a la TJ Maxx find....

and here it is!

This green silk skirt was one that I also tried, twirled, and tempted myself with at the end of last summer.  Even when it was on sale, it was still too much for my debit card.

But Enter TJ Maxx Here.

And a price tag of $14.99.

And another great big deal for me!

(by the way, another great find for me was this striped mini dress from F21 for only $10!  I would have flashed a peek of the dress underneath my skirt, but I'm not like that...)

(...okay, actually, I am like that...I just really forgot to take the picture.)  ;)


  1. Score on the skirt! Love it paired with the striped tee (dress). This skirt would look great with yellow :)

  2. i love the colors in the outfit. this is skirt style is something that i want to try!


  3. Yup I need you to post on the regular... your looks are super inspiring!! I love this outfit!!! you look great

  4. Fabulous skirt!!! I've been adding more skirts to my wardrobe. I would definitely love to add more knee-length styles in general....perfect for work and church. Cute look!

  5. Super-super-cute. Between your find at TJ Maxx and Kimberly from Fab Finds Under $50's gorgeous sherbert orange silky $14 top SHE found there I MUST go soon! (But maybe I should wait until I am employed again.)

  6. Super cute look! Love that skirt! Such a great find!