Thursday, April 14

It IS Thursday!

Since I'm no longer living a day ahead and it really is Thursday, the Special on today's menu is another "MOMent".  I posted a couple of MOMents a week or so ago, and I'm feelin' like this could be the start of a regular posting "topic" for me..... 

Anyway, this MOMent occured last night.  I was in a peaceful repose and having wonderful dreams of Thursday (which is really only exciting because it's the closest weekday to Friday), when I felt a small four-year old body crawling over me and moaning.  As with most moms (sleepy or not), I went into full multi-task mode:
  • try to hold onto a few more moment of sleep by keeping eyes closed (check),
  • straddle the line between reality and dream-ality (check, check),
  • ask toddler what is wrong (check), 
  • then help hoist toddler up on the bed along with his pillow and two blankets and curl into a fetal position because toddler has laid himself horizontally across your side of the bed (check, check, check, and ...check).

It was his finger.  He had hurt it at the sitter earlier that day (very small scrape) and had a band-aid on it.  For some reason, it was still the cause of his discomfort.  He moaned.  He groaned.  He tossed.  And turned.  And constantly whimpered, "Moooom, my finger!" while shoving it into my hand. Still in mommy-multi-task-mode, I rubbed.  I held.  I massaged.  I even squeezed his little index finger.  Each thing seemed to work (even the squeezing), but it would only be a few moments before he would be moaning again.   After fifteen minutes of this, I gave up and crossed "enjoy peaceful sleep and dreams" off of my To-Do list.  I sat up, and by the light of my Blackberry (a multi-taskers go-to, no doubt!), I inspected his finger.  Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, so I decided to just take the doggone Band-aid off. 

In less than a minute, the heavens parted, angels sang...and P began snoring.  He was knocked out! And all it took was the removal of the stupid Band-aid...and me being fully awake at that point (I believe I failed to mention that "at that point" was after 2 a.m.).  I desperately tried to get back to my peaceful sleep, but now I was the one tossing and turning (try doing that while remaining in a fetal!).  

After another fifteen minutes elapsed, I decided that it was high time for Mr. P to go back to his own bed.  He was snoozing and snoring soundly, so I scooped him up, cradled him in my arms, and laid him gently down on his bed.  I tucked him in surrounded by all of his favorite blankets (Cars, a Christmas Penguin, and two homemade ones from my mom) and began to walk away, glad to be over with this episode. 

And then came the MOMent:

As I was walking away, I heard him say,

"Thanks, mom." 

And then he was snoring again.

Ahh, my heart melted.

Happy Thursday-Cuz-It's-One-Day-Closer-to-Friday everyone!

the pieces:
Tee - Gap (Winter, 2010)
Cargos - Gap (Winter, 2010)
Sandals - Steve Madden
{outfit afterthoughts:  didn't really care what my outfit looked like today...just wanted to be comfortable in some kind of flat shoe...i like purple and green together...i actually tucked these sleeves under b/c the "flower petal" look of it is kind of droopy and overexaggerated...i attempted to do one of those side was a little messy, but i went with it anyway}


  1. i LOVE purple and green together!!! good choice :)

  2. How sweet is that?! Who'd have thought the band aid was too tight....poor little dude. Your outfit is really cute and laid those shoes too ;)

  3. I just love navy and olive together. What a chic casual outfit; love the peek of belt and the barely-there sandals.

  4. Awwwww, how sweet!! It's those little moments that make sleepless nights totally worth it!

    I tagged you in a Things I Love post, if you feel like participating!