Wednesday, April 6

Dead Bull

Day 3 of "Early Onset ASN" (after-school nap).
So, at around 11:45 this morning, a Red Bull appeared on my desk (thanks, Alondra!).
I don't have them often, but I actually do like the taste.
So, yeah.
I drank it.
I grew wings.
I soared.


I crashed.
And burned.

I'm still in flames.
I. Need. My. ASN.

(p.s. Now that I've seen the pics, I'm not liking the way this outfit turned out.  Next time, I'd like to try a striped tee underneath or mix in some yellow or even orange...)

                                                                        ( Pseudo "flight-before-crash")

the pieces:
Dress - INC, Macy's (Winter '10 Clearance - $11)
Long Sleeved Tee - Gap (Winter '10 Clearance - $6)
Scarf - Express (recent clearance purchase - $11)
Sandals - Steve Madden, Macy's (Summer '10 Clearance - $11)


  1. You know... I always get super incredibly sleep when I'm pregnant. Just sayin'. ;-)

    Super cute dress!!

  2. Kish, you've got to try the red bull shake from steak and shake! It doesn't sound good but it is soooo delish ;)