Wednesday, March 9

Classroom Cut-Up

How well do your students know you?

     My students (sixth graders) are very keen on fashion.  Although I have so many little ladies who have a blossoming style of their own, the boys are also aware of not only what they wear, but what I also wear.  It amazes me sometimes when my kids come up with observations or comments about if they know me beyond just being their teacher!  Today, we went out to the grassy area in the front of the school to film Greek Myth performances.  One young man warned me, "Be careful, Mrs. C.  Watch your heels in the mud."  I had to laugh because that exact thought was actually going through my mind. And (this is so cute!)yesterday, one young lady raised her hand and said, "Mrs. C, I have something for you."  Naturally, I perked up and asked what it was.  She came up to my podium with what looked like scraps of paper in her hand.  She told me that she found some shoes in some magazines that she thought I would like and cut them out and brought them for me!  I was so flabbergasted and then amazed at how right on she was with most of her picks!  I told her that I would create a collage on construction paper and hang them up on my wall. 
Those are my kiddos!
Happy Wednesday to everyone!


the pieces:
Ruffled Trim Cardigan - Express (2008 or 2009)
Scribble Top - Banana Republic outlet (recently)
Navy Pants - The Limited Drew pant
Glazed Python Print pumps - Michael Michael Kors "Pressley" (found here)


  1. Aww that's awesome! Teaching must be such a rewarding job. *sigh* Paralegal-ing most definitely is NOT. lol I love that drapey cardigan!

  2. I love those earrings with that outfit - so lovely!

  3. That is just the cutest story ever!! What nice kids you must have in your class :) I love the blue on you today! :)