Thursday, May 10

Yellow Flowers on a Dress

Dress - INC
Jacket - Gap
Shoes - Jessica Simpson (Dillards)

After nearly five years of owning this dress, I am wearing it beyond the walls of my closet!

I fell in love with it not long after I had my son.  It's nearly impossible to see, but the yellow flowers stand out against thin black stripes.  Plus it has a criss-cross halter back, which makes it perfect for summer.  The only problem is that, because the empire waist is set so high, the skirt flares out practically from right underneath my chest...which is not a good look when you're no longer pregnant but you still look like you are.

Anyway, belts...cardigans...belts and cardigans...nothing ever seemed to be able to combat the faux-pregnancy look.  I can't recall if I've tried this denim jacket with it before, but when I put the two together this morning, it seemed to work...



  1. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week Kish! The dress is so cute and look comfy too!

  2. That dress is SO pretty! Love the way denim jackets look over dresses, one of my favorite looks.

  3. Oh, that is SO cute with the denim jacket!! You look adorable! I sometimes like to wear flared dresses like that so I can't eat as much as I want and noone will know how huge my belly is. =)

    Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to you!

  4. You look fab! Those earrings are hot!

  5. I love the yellow flowers and the earrings tie in perfectly, so pretty!