Friday, May 11

Stripe One, Two, & Three

Navy/White Contrasting Striped Scarf - Target
Navy/White Striped Dress - F21
Sandals - who knows.

1.  This was NOT what I wore to school today.  (I would like to remain employed, thankyouverymuch.)  Instead, I wore this out and about last weekend.  I was really lucky when I found this last scarf at Target.  I love navy blue.  I love stripes.  And two have two contrasting combinations of navy/white stripes in one item is...sigh.  But why stop at two?  So, I added the scarf onto this striped dress and called it a day.  I wish I had cuter flats or sandals though.

2.  I did wear this dress today (underneath a cardigan).  Today was special because my son's PK class had a Mother's Day Tea Party.  He gave me a tissue-paper corsage, held my chair out for me to sit, sang songs, and served me breakfast.  I'm definitely a lucky mom.

3.  Since I didn't take pics of today's look, I wanted to do a post anyway so that I could link up with Tara's Teachers Have Class and Style link up.  Go. Check. Her. Out.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hahahah I was wondering if this was a work outfit...hahaha I hate that sometimes I have to separate work dresses from weekend dresses so lately I been trying to buy something that will work for both! I reallly like how you wore your scarf!

  2. Ooooo, the scarf looks so cute with that striped dress! Love this! Thanks for linking up!

  3. Hi Kish! It's Pip from Chic Stay At Home Mom blog! I do not have that blog anymore, and have a new one, if you want to continue following me! I would love for you to come back! I love this outfit and the way you wore your scarf! I am also so incredibly obsessed with stripes of any kind and your dress is fab! xx


  4. Love this outfit, Kish! I have that scarf, too, and I love how you styled it with the stripes! I thought about pairing it with a striped shirt, but I wasn't sure how it would turn out--this outfit is definitely giving me permission. ;)
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Girlllllllll, I ABSOLUTELY love this! I recently bought a blue and green striped dress from Old Navy, and I love how you styled this one with the scarves. I think I MUST try this out. Great inspiration :)


  6. Girl! This is too cute! I may have to copy this look! Werk that body honey!

  7. Eliz...Well, I actually HAVE worn this dress to work...but as a top! ;)

    Tara...Thank YOU!

    Pip...I'm obsessed with stripes, too!

    Whitney...I can't wait to see how you wear this scarf. I'm sure it'll be very cute!

    Janell & Trice...Thanks, ladies! ;)