Wednesday, January 19

When the Bow-ing Gets Tough

"Mom, what's this?"

    This was the first of two questions on the "pop quiz" that four-year old P gave to me after I arrived home this afternoon.  He was pointing at my blouse, so, thinking that the answer to his question was fairly easy, I said, "They're polka dots."  Apparently, I was wrong. Head lowered, eyebrows raised, index finger wagging, he reprimanded me:  "Nooooo. Thass a circle, mom.  A circle." 
Oops.  My bad.
     I've always had a slight aversion to polka dots (but not so much with circles).  I don't know why, but I've always felt as though other people could pull them off...just not me.  Around the time I turned thirty (two years ago), I began developing a new attitude about my style.  I wanted to step out of my little box and try things that I normally wouldn't.  (The Michael Kors shoes on one of the previous posts was another result of this attitude.)  So while surfing, I came across this Tommy Hilfiger polka number (on sale!) and decided to try it out.  Although I bought it two years ago, I've only worn it the same number of times. 
     My mood this morning was mellow (very befitting for polka dots and a big blue bow, right?), and I started with the pants.  I wanted to do a yellow/blue plaid scarf, but sans the white shirt or yellow cardigan that I would typically wear with it.  Without finding success, I scrapped the idea of the scarf and decided to just try the polka dots on and see what happened.  It was too cold to wear as is, so some kind of sweater/jacket was definitely needed.  My thoughts landed on the four-pocket cardigan (although you really can't see all the pockets) that I scored for really cheap ($19) at the Gap but had never worn.  Thus, everything else fell into place...except the belt.  I've always imagined wearing this top with a yellow belt, but husbandM advised me not to, and I actually listened!  (So I went with a yellow bracelet instead).
Back to my pop quiz: 
I obviously failed the first question miserably, so I was lucky that there was the second.  After learning the difference between a polka dot and a circle (ha!), the next question that P posed to me was, "Mom, what cowor (color) is this?"  Since he was touching my bow, I knew I couldn't get that one wrong.  "Blue!" I said.  His response was enough to not only reaffirm my decision to wear this top, but it also confirmed my knowledge of basic colors:

"Good job, Mom!" 

the pieces:




  • Top- Tommy Hilfiger (from Macy's, Winter '09)
  • Sweater - Gap four pocket cardigan (Winter '10)  They still have it!
  • Pants - The Limited Drew pant (Winter '08)
  • Pumps - gifted from a friend
  • Grey belt - no brand name, from TJ Maxx
  • Yellow bracelet - The Limited?
  • Silver bangles - Jessica Simpson jewelry from Macy's
  • White bangle - ?
  • Silver Leaf Earrings - ?
  • Yellow belt - Via Spiga

One last look....should I have worn the yellow belt?



  1. I'm in LOVE with this shirt and I actually like it with the yellow belt. It adds a little bit extra "umph". So cute!

  2. Thanks, Hope! I agree with you on the "umph" factor with the yellow belt. =)

  3. ...toooo much contrast...the flat 'big' bow...the pokia (msp)blouse..and the yellow belt..not feel'n the esemble..but two thumbs up for being daring.