Sunday, January 9

A New Day

      Every morning for me begins with two questions.  First, How do I feel or want to feel today?  Not all the time does an answer come easily to that question, so I take a few moments to stand in the middle of the bathroom and decide what my "mood" is/will be:  preppy? ...relaxed?... confident? (non-weekdays only!) ...unique? ...serious? ....colorful? ... and so on until I arrive at an adjective that seems befitting of what I was subconciously looking for.  So after wiping the yuck out of my eyes and then putting my contacts in, I go into my closet and advance to the second question: How am I going to dress today? This is the crucial  point, as what ensues will consist of 10-40 minutes of creating an outfit that will be an expression of what I want to project to the world that day. A new day and outfit means a new version of me.  A new outlook.  A new attitude.  Possibly even a new beginning.
     So...ENTER STAGE LEFTMe, Myself, & Style.  Through this blog, I would like to share a chronicle of (hopefully) daily outfits created with items from my closet that I remix in order to serve all aspects of "me"...the daily me (teacher), as well as the evening and weekend "me" (mom, wife, avid deal-hunter/shopper, entertainment-seeker, etc.)...all with a little bit of style.  So, here goes: a review of some recent outfits for my first day of blogging....

Worn on Tuesday, Jan. 4th

This was the first day back to school after the holiday break.  I wasn't ready to go back as of the day before, but on this morning, I had a new attitude!

the pieces

  • Vest - The Limited
  • Pants - Gap "The Trouser"
  • Belt - TJ Maxx
  • Shoes - Gianni Bini (Dillard's)                
Worn on Wednesday, Jan. 5th


Day 2 of the Second Semester and I was still trying to keep my sunny attitude.  Thus, a nice bright sweater.  I enjoyed mixing the orange/navy/grey/brown, and I actually wanted to wear a blue/yellow plaid scarf with this outfit, but it turned out not to be that cold.  Maybe next time...

 the pieces

  • Sweater - Gap (Summer '10)
  • Skirt - Gap (Summer '10)
  • Tights - Gap (Winter '10)
  • Boots - Bandolino (TJ Maxx, Winter '09)
  • Mixed Chain Necklace - TJ Maxx
  • Stretch Belt - French Connection (oldie but goodie)
Worn on Thursday, Jan. 5th

I thought that mixing bright yellow with purple would be fun on this day.  The original outfit consisted of the cute new ankle booties that I stumbled upon on clearance at Target...however, after the pair of shoes that I wore on Tuesday, I was dealing with serious rebellion from my little toe on my right foot.  Hmm. No heels today.

the pieces

  • Cardigan - Ralph Lauren (Macy's, Winter '09)
  • Camisole - Old Navy ('04?)
  • Pants - Express
  • Shoes - Target Mossimo "Kameisha" ankle bootie
  • Necklace - The Limited (Summer '10)

Be Style!

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  1. ....great style, great taste, and GOD bless your worthy intent, these are first class pics...and invaluable advise to whom you share this with..keep up the good work...