Wednesday, January 12


You can't have a Happy Birthday without the Happy.

But of all days to wake up feeling like a sack of had to be today.  I was so warm and cozy curled (in the fetal position, no less) under my extremely warm comforter, that even as the incessant alarm kept nagging me to get out from under the covers, I had no intentions of budging.  I wonder if, thirty-two years ago today, it was just as difficult for me to come out of the womb as it was for me to get out of bed this morning?  Interesting thought.

Anyway, it's sad to say that even after having husbandM. make breakfast for me (eggs, turkey bacon!, and toast) and having my son give me a dollar (that he got out of my purse) and a Chuck E. Cheese token as birthday gifts, the signals from my brain to my eyelids just kept malfunctioning.  Instead of Happy, I was just Tired.  Even after I got dressed.

Yep. I was "smartly" dressed (the first time) this morning.  Slacks.  Blouse. New French Connection sweater that I had been craving for months.  Belt to accentuate the new French Connection sweater that I had been craving for months. Shoes. Keys in hand. Purse on shoulder.  Ready to walk out the door. 

But no Happy.

Yes, I was tired, but I did not want to be "smartly" dressed.  I wanted to be Happy-Birthday-dressed. For work and for after-work dinner.  The knee-length black Tahari dress that I had had in mind was still folded in a bag with other items ready to go to the cleaners (ahem, sincethissummer) that wasn't going to happen.  Looking through my dresses for an alternative, I landed upon this one.  Up until that point, even though I was "smartly" dressed, my eyelids were still partly pressed (shut, that is).  But after pulling this number out, there was a little surge of energy that ran through me....Could it be?  Happy???  

In less than five minutes, I was re-dressed and feelin' it.  I was so feelin' it that I decided to toss on a grey scarf for some added contrast...buuuut after deciding that it was probably too much, I went with the necklace that has been dubbed the "Black Olive Necklace" by my students. Still feelin' it, though. Navy blue tights. Boots. Coat.  Keys. Purse. Off to work. Still tired, but


some of the pieces:

London Times dress from
TJ Maxx Late Summer/Early Fall '10

Necklace from Macy's (from at least a year ago)

Bandolino Boots from TJMaxx
Winter '0

Oh! By the way, after I returned home from dinner that evening, I took the opportunity to take pics of this dress with the grey scarf and purple tights.  What's your verdict?

Grey fashion scarf,
recent sale purchase from NY&Co ($8!)

Purple Hue tights
purchased from TJMaxx

Be Style. 

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