Thursday, January 13

Not Just Chips

Winding down the week in ruffles...

Frilly and girly, fun and flirty! I LOVE RUFFLES!  They automatically make me feel excited, so that's how I started off my morning.  I really wished, though, that I had more time to tweak the outfit.  I would have liked to try mixing and matching other patterns and/or colors with the floral print, but I unfortunately didn't have the time.  My last resort: another pair of Gap fingerless gloves!  They actually came in handy (pun intended) because the sleeves on my jacket were 3/4 length...and it was pre-tty darn cold outside that day.


(I need to add a better pic of the blouse...stay tuned.)

  • Cropped jacket - Old Navy ('07?)
  • Blouse - Dillard's?
  • Pants - Express
  • Boots - oldies
  • Fingerless Gloves/"Arm Warmers" - Gap

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  1. .....not only is this educator an asset to her district, but your style is an asset to all educators who would view these pages..including myself...and im a guy..LOL