Thursday, January 20

Don't Judge a Book by Its Color

Can too many colors spoil an outfit?

     Sooo...the forecast for today was a thirty percent chance of rain, as well as the appearance of a cold front.  My first thought for today's outfit: Rain Boots!!!  I had previously worn these rain boots with black tights and this black dress (with an oatmeal colored sweater and wide black belt).  I liked the pieces together (especially being able to take a summer dress and transition it into winter) and decided to wear both again today.  The blue/yellow plaid scarf that was mentioned in yesterday's post was still on my brain, so I pulled that out, too.  At this point, the colors that I had put together thus far were:  black. brown. blue. yellow.
     Creating a contrast between colors is something that I've been experimenting with lately, so I continued on my coloring streak by deciding to add a red belt.  The first red belt that I tried was dark, too wide, and did not accentuate my waistline very well with the dress.  When I dug this red Express belt out of my belt box, I immediately fell in love with the combination of blue, yellow, and (patent) red...primary colors that you would find in your standard Crayola box, right?  The last step was to find the top that I would wear underneath the dress.  I started with white...but it was too harsh of a contrast.  Then I tried a long-sleeved eggplant-colored tee...I liked it, but was unsure.  I tried a grey one...but no go.  There was, however, something about the eggplant color (or in P's terms: purple) that I liked and toyed around with until I forced myself to make a decision.  I went with it.  I went all the way to school with it...
     ...And apparently I was the only one who could envision my..."creative"?...color palette.  The responses that I received ranged from:  "Mrs. Channette, that doesn't go together," to "I'm not sure I can do this, " to "Can you explain your outfit to me?" (I love that one, Mrs. L.)  My final color tally was:  black. brown. blue. yellow. red. and eggplant (aka dark purple).  

     I can't say that I regret putting this together, but if nothing good comes from it, at least I can use this outfit to help P practice his colors.

the pieces:



  • Dress - Pink Rose (purchased from Ross, Summer '09)
  • Scarf - Gap (Winter, '09)
  • Belt - Express
  • Boots - Banana Republic (Fall '10)
  • Long-Sleeved Tee - Gap (Winter '10 for only $9!)
  • Bracelet (gift from a friend, made in Brazil)
  • Watch - Anne Klein (my first purchase on my Macy's card in 1999!)




  1. I actually really like the red belt...what do the kids know about fashion anyway? haha :)

  2. I love the outfit. You should wear it again.

  3. ...ah 'yo silver!! those boots are nice...