Monday, January 10

Black, Brown, and the Cowardly Lion

Mondays bring a casual vibe of school-"spiritedness".  Today, I attempted to "jazz up" the whole t-shirt-and-jeans-look:

*black Limited sweater *TMS Avid t-shirt *Gap low-rise straight leg jeans *Lucky Brand Angel boots *red polka-dot sash taken from another blouse *Forever21? wood bangle * silver Jessica Simpson bracelets from Macy's

I wasn't really sure if the red polka-dot sash was a hit-or-miss with the t-shirt, sweater, and boots, but I felt okay enough to leave the house.  And then fourth period.  One of my female students in my Pre-AP English class raised her hand and politely stated, "Mrs. Channette, you're one of the most fashionable teachers I've had....but I'm sorry!  Black and brown and red do NOT go together!"


I love wearing black and brown together.  In fact, I've realized lately that I have been wearing a lot of black and brown...and grey and brown...and grey and black and brown all together.  I like how the combination of these colors can create a look that's cool, casual, and even sophisticated. 

But back to the story:
I had to "school" my young student on the matters of neutrals (grey, black, brown, navy, khaki), complementary colors, and the variety that one may achieve when coordinating virtually any color with a neutral...even other neutrals!   (Hmm...Could I consider that a "teachable moment"?)  After our one-minute lesson was over, another female student volunteered the following:  "Mrs. Channette, my mom tells me all the time that I don't match.  Yeah, she tells me that, but I don't care."  I responded to this shy, young girl by affirming for her that her attitude was admirable and that regardless of the color combination, patterns, or labels...confidence is the best accessory to any outfit and also the main ingredient to one's personal style (in my opinion).  Even the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz, who is infamously known for his lack of courage, had the confidence to don a red bow at some point in the movie.  So here's to mixing black with brown...and red/white polka dots! 

Here's my badge of courage:

And just in case I ever need to go out after school for, let's say, Club's a quick remix:

Be Style.


  1. Don't know what happened to my previous post....but I love the blog. You are definitely a fashionista to the fullest! I will stay tuned for help with my wardrobe mishaps. lol.

  2. I TOTALLY AGREE!! I will keep your awesome style close to me to refer when needed! :)

  3. ....great friend has a pair like those, but she got them from an unlikely place...LOL