Tuesday, January 11

Hobo Chic

Waking up after 7am on a weekday morning is not a good thing for me. 

*navy/grey Gap double layer open cardi (Winter '10) *The Limited Infinity scarf (Fall/Winter '09) *Gap Super soft long sleeve tee *Express Correspondent shorts (really old!) *Hue tights (from TJMaxx) *some kind of Italian leather boots (that are older than some of the students I teach) *necklace from Express (Fall/Winter '09?) *Gap fingerless long gloves

Luckily, the husby was home today, so I didn't have to deal with getting our four year old ready...or else late would have turned into very extremely late.   With only forty minutes to get cleaned up, dressed, (redressed), and make my lunch, my mind was moving frantically, but my body was slow to catch up.  I decided on my "mood" (see first post) and began with my inspiration item:  a pair of fingerless gloves from the Gap (what made them even more attractive was that I got them for about  $5!!!).

Fast forward to 7:38...still not fully dressed, but fully laden with issues.  I had all the pieces from the pic on, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to go matchy-matchy with the scarf and gloves...I wanted to add a leopard print belt w/red buckle, but didn't have the time to really contemplate it...I really wanted to wear slim black pants with flat black boots, but...er...I...don't have any flat black boots....and I didn't want to forget to make my lunch.

Fast forward to 8:05.  I was a little late, but not by much.  I still had enough time to get ready before first period (that plan fell apart less than ten minutes later while standing in front of the copy-machine-that-jams-in-five-places-if-you-just-breath-on-it).  My final outfit was a little on the monochromatic side, but I accessorized with confidence, dubbed the look "Hobo Chic", and decided to make the best of it.  Even though I had still forgotten my lunch. 

some of the details:
Gap Double-Layer Open Cardi  see it here!

Express Necklace

Gap Fingerless Gloves/Arm Warmers?
Recently purchased for about $5!

The Limited Infinity Scarf
(Fall '09) for about $10!

Be Style.

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  1. ......interesting choice for a title...because if "HOBO'S'were this stylish,standing on street corners,and living under bridges would be not be viewed as unfortunate..but red carpet events.