Tuesday, January 25

Is Your Sweater Upside Down?

Is there a color to symbolize hypocrisy?

     Yesterday, I stated that when it comes to jewelry and accessories, I'm pretty much a minimalist.

     Today I put together an outfit where I hang three different necklaces around my neck at one time. 

     Go figure.  

     Maybe I need to check my online dictionary for the definition of "minimalism".      

     I'm also thinking that I need to check (or double check) my mirror.  Just last night, husbandM decided to humor himself with the observation that I have 1) a short torso, 2) thick thighs, but 3) long legs for such a short person.  And then he proceeds to ask me how tall I am...as if my height of five feet, three inches had changed in the last ten years!  Hmmmm....if only we'd had an outdoor dog....

     Getting dressed this morning, I was attracted to these green military pants that I got for a GREAT deal of $10 from the Gap.  When I picked them up off of the rack, I had already mentally purchased them simply because they were my size and had an extra 40% off the sale price.  Had I taken my head out of the clouds, I would have realized that the waist was a little too big, almost as if they had been stretched out.  But "Final Sale" means...it's final.  So, this blouse (previously worn here) came in handy to create a billowy effect away from the bulky waistline created by the pants.  To top off the blouse (and keep warm), I contemplated several sweaters that would contrast with the green...yellow?...blue/grey stripes?...navy blue?...red?  I finally decided to go with this purple one because the cut-away in the front allowed for a nice overall shape that all three pieces created.  As far as shoes go, I slipped into some really cute ballet flats, but haunting words from last night robbed me of the pleasure of being closer to the ground...so I added some (apparently much needed) height with wedges, and strutted out the door. Who has short legs now?

           This pic makes me think that I won't be wearing this outfit again...

   ...or maybe just without the sweater.     

the pieces:


  • Purple Sweater - Willi Smith (purchased from TJ Maxx, c. '09)
  • Blouse - Gap
  • Military Cargo Pants - Gap (Fall/Winter '10)
  • Shoes - Volatile (purchased from DSW, Summer/Fall '09)
  • Short Mixed Chain necklace - purchased from TJ Maxx
  • Oval Pendant necklace - (don't remember)
  • Long Beaded necklace - The Limited (Summer '10)
  • Earrings - (don't remember)


  1. I hardly wear jewelry too. Your outfit looks great! Nice pop of color with the cardi!


  2. I'm so glad I followed your comment over here! You've got great style, and your smile just brightens up my whole day. You're added to my reading list!