Friday, January 28

Anyone Need Garlic?

Out of sight...

     ...out of mind.  It's funny how it's easy for me to sometimes forget about the items that I have in my closet, even if they're sitting right in front of me.  This sweater has been folded on an eye-level shelf for who knows how long, yet it wasn't until last night while I snuggled under the covers and surfed the "blogger-net" that I was reminded of it.  I came across Coastal Chicster's blog, saw her outfit from 1/21/11, and fell in love with it.  Rather than getting out of bed, I scanned the closet annals of my mind and thought about this sweater as the starter piece and put the rest of the outfit together (the blue top has almost gone to the giveaway pile several times, and I love pockets on skirts and dresses!) with a pair of brown boots.  In the end, I didn't do the boots, but I liked the combo of the navy tights with the black peep-toe slingbacks.
     Although I felt rejuvenated with my "new" outfit, it was met with mixed reviews:

     First: "Black and navy?"

     Next: "Did you mean to wear that color of tights?"

     Later: "Hmmm....I think I would have worn a brown skirt instead...but it's okay. " (This came from a 7th period student who stood in front of me, leaning to one side, with her hand cupped around her chin and a pensive expression on her face).

     And then there was a "stranger danger" experience in the grocery store.  The first time he walked past me, he looked at me in such a way that I had to reach back and smooth my skirt just to make sure that it wasn't hiked up.  After the third time he walked by, he approached me and used the line, "Do you know where I can find crushed garlic?" as a lame attempt of a pick-up. Seriously? The worst part was when he (after walking away and coming back again) asked if I was married.  When I confirmed, he had the nerve to say, "Me, too." 
     After he walked away (for the last time, thankfully), I checked the contents of my purse just to make sure that his hand wasn''t quicker than my eye.  And then I added this to my list of reasons why I Hate Grocery Shopping. 

    I'm thinking it's time for bed.


the pieces:
  • Sweater - DKNY (purchased from Macy's many moons ago)
  • Blouse - BCBG (old purchase from Marshall's)
  • Skirt - Express (Summer '10)
  • Navy Blue Tights - Apt. 9 (purchased from Kohl's, Winter '10)
  • Shoes - Jessica Simpson (recent purchase from TJ Maxx...only $20!)
  • Necklace (recent purchase from TJ Maxx)

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  1. This outfit is fantastic!! I had a couple of rude students when I taught 3rd grade and they would comment on my outfit - I would always think, "Good thing I don't take style advice from an 8 year old."

    Classroom Chic