Tuesday, February 15

Today is Only Bluesday

Ever have one of those days?

     Today is only Tuesday, and I already feel as though I have been run over by a "Tue"-ton truck. (get it?)  Anyway, please don't be fooled by this picture.  Although I'm smiling, my eyelids are so heavy that there were several pics that I took where my eyes were actually closed! 

    It's the last week of the grading period.  For all of you teachers out there, you probably know what this means.  It's a race to the finish line to manage missing assignments, final lessons, quizzes/tests, last-minute (on the students' part) tutoring, gradebook finalization, and more.  Just typing this makes me weary.  Today during our planning time, my brain was so full that nothing else could fit.  Seriously, I had nothing to give and nothing was sticking.

    As far as today's outfit, I really had no idea what I was putting together.  I had zero direction this morning and randomly picked and put these pieces together.  Blue denim skirt. "Electric" blue tee.  And blue/white pinstripes.  Lots of blues.  Not sure if it works, though, but, as one of my dear co-workers states:  "I'm decent, and I'm clean."   Isn't that enough?

    I'm sure I sound like a whiney-baby.  But, welcome to my pity party.  Would anyone else like to attend?


the pieces:
Sweater - Loft (recent sale purchase)
Tee - Express (old)
Banded collar top - Marshall's (very old)
Skirt - Gap (Fall '09?)
Open-toe Booties - Mossimo (Target, Winter '10)
Blue combo python print belt - Express (old)
Earrings - purchased from a jewelry vendor at school

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  1. ooh cute outfit! I love those shoes on you! I'm scared to try them for myself though, I look short and stumpy in them.