Monday, February 7

Apostrophes and Catastrophes

Ever heard of a "floating comma"?

     So with two of my classes today, we were supposed to be reviewing the use of apostrophes (aka "floating commas" to some students).  What should have been just a review, turned into a small catastrophe.  The source of confusion came about while reviewing how apostrophes are used to show possession (e.g. Shelley's keys). One young lady kept confusing the plural possessive case (which requires the use of an apostrophe) with the plural form of nouns (which does not use an apostrophe).  While trying to clarify her confusion, she would retort with a "What if" question, which eventually led to the confusion of several other students.  Anyway, after several minutes of trying to guide my pupil out of her haze of "Whatifs", plurals, and plural possessives, we were finally able to get through the lesson.  I figured that after those few hurdles, the class ended on a fairly good note.

....  Until the bell rang.

    The following is a brief exchange that happened between myself, a really sweet young lady who is always attentive (we'll call her Sweet Sally), and a sarcastic young man who would rather give a quip rather than a straight answer (we'll call him....Sarcastic Simon; he also opted not to take notes during the lesson):

Me: "No one may leave unless you are the Student of the Month."

Sweet Sally: "Remember, we have two, so you mean the 'Student of the Months'."

Me: (smiling) "Actually, Sally, you would say 'Students of the Month'."

Sarcastic Simon: "Where would you put the apostrophe to show possession?"

All I could do was dismiss them.

    The only other catastrophe for today was this outfit.  It was not until I viewed the pics that I realized that 1.) the "sweatshirt" is not very flattering, 2.) the pants aren't that flattering with the "sweatshirt", and 3.) the whole get-up looks as though I'm wearing pajamas. 

Or is that "pajama" with an apostrophe and an s?  (sigh)

Does anyone else have a Monday funny?

the pieces:
"Sweatshirt" top - Gap
Trousers - Banana Republic Outlet
Tank - The Limited
Gladiator Sandals - Jessica Simpson
Bracelet Watch - Anne Klein
Studded Wrap "Bracelet" - (aka a belt) Gap
Mixed Chain Necklace - The Limited


  1. I had absolutely no idea apostrophes could cause so much confusion! But at least teaching provides you with really entertaining stories. Nothing this funny happened at my office today!

    Love the brown shades here - so pretty. You are one gorgeous lady. :)

  2. I don't think you look like you are wearing sweatpants - you look great!!

    Something funny happens every day when you are in first grade . . . I need to start writing them down so I can remember them. Today they were obsessed with my braclet that had two keys on it. They would not stop talking about it! I need to to do some writing tests this week I should have them write about what they think the keys go to - that would be really funny!!

    Sarah at Classroom Chic