Tuesday, February 1

There was a monster outside of my house this morning.

     I was awakened by its high-pitched howls and its invisible talons scratching alongside the house.  In its rage of fury, it began throwing stones.  Then, before I could get out of bed, it sounded as if the monster swallowed us.  Engulfed in its belly, the contents and bile of its stomach sloshed around outside of our little safe haven.  I was hoping that this monster would not break the barriers of our walls, but I knew that we would have to go out and face it eventually. 

     The weatherman did not predict all of this for today, did he?

     Dressing for today's tumultuous weather was centered around two concepts: comfort and dryness.  I triple layered-up (does that make sense?) with a tank, a tee, and another long-sleeved tee.  Then I topped it off with a scarf.  Again, jeans are on the agenda this week (although I forgot to wear my pin in support of the Go Red for Women campaign), and because of the torrential pourdown going on outside, the rain boots were pulled out (or, actually, on).  I was ready in record time and excited for an early day at the j-o-b.  All I needed was my coat, and I would have no fear of the weather.


     There was one other monster that I had to go toe-to-toe with: the four-year old kind.  Do you have, or know of, a kid who can do limitless circles around the living room (whether on foot, scooter, or while pushing a laundry basket) and never runs out of steam?  But in the morning, when you're ready to get out of the house, he/she moves slower than a turtle?  Well, I have one of those! 

     After begging P to brush his teeth, then begging him to brush his teeth with toothpaste on his toothbrush, then asking him dozens of times to put his clothes on, then tyring to fnd a matchnig pair of socks... I was actually late to work. 

     Stay warm everyone!

the pieces:
Scarf - Gap (Winter '09)
Long Sleeved Tee - Gap (Winter '10)
White Tee - TJ Maxx (old)
Blue Tank - Target (Winter '10)
Jeans - Mavi (?)
Rain Boots - Banana Republic (Fall/Winter '10)


  1. Oh man, I'm IN LOVE with your boots (I bet you get that a lot though!!). The scarf and the tees just looks so cozy! Thanks for the triple mix love, btw. That was quite a stretch for me. :) Hope you're staying warm!

  2. Thanks, Hope! If those boots weren't made of rubber, I would wear them just about everyday...they are ridiculously comfortable!

    After a big tizzy about impending snow...the only thing that I saw was an icicle or two! I hope you're doing well and staying warm also...can Spring hurry up and come already?!

  3. I'm reading through your blog and I'm loving your outfits. You have great style! Peanut Butter Handprints featured you and I'm so glad I took the time to stop by your blog.