Monday, February 28

The Unknown

How many of us are afraid of The Unknown?

     Well, the past few days have been marked by a series of landmark events that have infiltrated my personal, and especially, my professional life.  These events have transpired into a huge wall in which the thing that exists on the other side is called The Unknown.  I, along with many people with whom I am close to, are now facing this wall.  So, now what?
    I've been doing some long and hard thinking about this, and I've realized that The Unknown has almost always taken on a negative connotation.  But do you realize that every morning we wake up, we are facing The Unknown?  And yet that doesn't stop us from going on with our everyday routines.  So why is it that when we are confronted with a hurdle and are forced to face The Unknown, we become debilitated with fear?  Is it simply because we are now cognizant of something that is not a part of our routine and takes us out of our comfort zone?   Or is there more to it?
   To anyone who is currently standing in front of a "wall", I'd like to share what I have been reiterating to myself.  Treat that wall the same as you face every morning when deciding to (finally) get out of bed:  Swing your legs over.  Stand up. Get your bearings.  Take a step forward.  And then another step.  Then, just keep going forward.  Do not let that wall of The Unknown, or your fear of it, diminish your ability to keep moving forward.  The only person who decides who or what should get the best of you, should be you.

     On that note, I'll transition into my last installment of Hope and Melisssa's "Fabulous in February" feature! Thank you ladies for encouraging "fabulosity"!

     #10.  I appreciate about myself that although there are times when I'm afraid, I am still fearless.  I refuse to let any one person or thing get the best of me without my consent.
    #11.  I'd like to think that I'm a rational thinker.  I try to assess a situation (e.g. a "wall"...see earlier ranting within this post) from multiple viewpoints in order to determine my strategy of approach.   Even during times when I've made what would seem like irrational decisions, there was still some depth of thought given.
    #12.  Lastly, when it comes to my friendships, I'm happy to play the role of cheerleader. 

Rah! Rah! Rah!


the pieces:
Sweater Vest - Gap (Fall 2010)
Two Pocket Plaid Shirt - Gap (clearance for about $7), but found here in a lilac color
Khakis - Gap (some time last year)
Ruffled Belt - Gap (clearance for about $6)
(Oh my goodness, I just noticed the trend here!)
Shoes - Vince Camuto "Neven Sand" heels, found here, but scored for only $26 @ Dillard's!!

p.s. Thanks for reading my unleashed feelings.


  1. i love this look. nice and classic. your hair looks good too!

  2. Wait, you didn't get the shoes at Gap? :)

    I absolutely LOVE this outfit! I love the fit of the pants on you, the cuffed hem, the shoes, the belted top and the vest. You look fantastic!

    This was a great rant. After being married for almost 9 years and just getting divorced a few months ago, I feel like I'm facing The Unknown and it *has* been terrifying. I'm trying to do just what you said, put one foot in front of the other and just keep going.

    These are great things to feel fabulous about yourself! I'm so glad you participated in the challenge with us!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  3. The muted palette is SO nice here! Perfect for pre spring time.

    I loved your "rant", too. Sometimes when we fear the unknown we only think about the negative "what ifs" but what if things turn out even better than we planned? Some of the best things in my life are the result of something else that didn't work out.

  4. I love this outfit- it's so classic and EASY looking. I love that about it.

    I've LOVED ready your positive statements this month and getting to know all these things about you! :)

    Rant away! I love how encouraging you are about not being paralyzed by the unknown. :)

  5. I love the casual elegance of this outfit! Totally something I would wear.

    I'm following you now! :)