Tuesday, February 22

The Guinea Pig in Stripes & Plaid

Question: Does anyone have a "formula" that you use to put outfits together?

       In my mind, in my bathroom, and even in my closet mirror, this outfit was pretty cute.  And then I reviewed the pictures.  Not sure what it is, but something just isn't right.  The colors? The stripes and plaid?  The fit?  Maybe it's the shoes?  I just don't know. 

      I really thought that I had some rational creativity behind this one.  I try to keep the color/texture/pattern rule in mind when concocting my "creative" outfits. Orange stripes underneath a plaid jacket (that has a little orange in it).  Shoes and belt acting as neutrals.  "Army" green pants providing a contrast to the light hues.  And texture from my wood and carved bracelets.  I thought I was on to something when I put this together.  Even after one of my critics students asked me, "Mrs. C, does that match?", I knew that I was on to something!  (I joke around with them that they just aren't "fashionably mature" yet).  Of course I don't want to be matching! 
I want to be coordinating! 
Just like conjunctions and points on a graph! 
And I want things that are opposite to work together! 
Like George and Wheezie! 

But for now, I'll keep trying new combinations and being my own personal guinea pig.  (A cute one, mind you.)  ;)

And on a casual note, now that Spring is on our heels, maybe this could work for a weekend afternoon running errands...

the pieces:
Jacket - Necessary Objects (old)
Striped Tank - Gap
White Tank - TJ Maxx
Cargo Skinnies - Gap
Shoes - Guess
Sandals - Steve Madden


  1. I LOVE your sandals (grrr, so jealous you can wear sandals right now!) and the stripes. Sorry about your lack of bow belt! I never knew I wanted one until that $4 sale one feel into my lap, but now I couldn't live without it. Figures, right?

  2. First thing I though when I saw this was that it looked great! You took a casual foundation of cargos and a tank top, and make them special by adding the jacket and the heels. Don't doubt it, it looks great!