Monday, February 21

Black, White, & Red on the Bottom...and Fabulous in February, Week 3

Why does the zebra have stripes?

    'Cuz she has style! 

     Happy's three weeks away from Spring Break, so...yea!!!

    This outfit today was a result of a last- ditch effort to wear this top.  As much as I love stripes, I do have to be careful when wearing them sometimes.  I tried to break up the looooong stretch of horizontal lines going across my chest and linebacker shoulders by adding something over it, which turned out to be this cropped jacket.  I wasn't in the mood to wear a skirt, but this one had more flounce and movement that added life to the black/white scheme more than a pair of pants would.  And the red...well, isn't that self-explanatory?  What better way to add a bit of color?  Right?

    So, last riddle:  What's black, white, and red on the bottom?
    You got it.
    This girl!

a close up of the print on the shoes

the pieces:
Jacket - Express (c. 2007)
Striped Top - The Limited (Winter 2008) 
Skirt - Express (Summer 2010)
Shoes - Jessica Simpson, Dillards (2008)

And now, on to Fabulous in February, brought to you by Hope and Melissa.  My fabulosity focuses on facial features (and apparently the use of alliteration; my kids would like that):

#7.  In light of my first FBFF post last Friday, I'm going to take a page out of my book post and start off by saying that (although I've allowed it to become the bane of my existence) I like my smile.  It's a part of me, and that's enough.

#8. I like the shape of my eyes.  I've often had people question where I'm from because I have a "different look" (you can translate that loosely if you'd like!), and I think my eyes may have played a part in their curiosity.

#9.  I've always liked the shape of my brows.  I used to have a thick, semi-uni, but they neaten up pretty well.

Okie dokie.  This is getting tougher.  But I can pull it out for one more week! Until then, I can't wait to read about all the other Fabulous Femme postings out there!

Have a fabulous week!


  1. I still need to post my Monday post - better get to that! LOVE this outfit!! Black and white with a pop of red is my favorite!!!

    Enter my Scarf Giveaway!

  2. Love that you went with all physical attributes! Sometimes those are the HARDEST to write about :)

    I'm totally drooling over those heels- BEAUTIFUL!