Thursday, February 10

A Green Sucker

Wanna know the one thing you need to look like a teacher?

     Apparently, wearing specs (for the second time) illicits responses of shock and amazement from my students:
     "Why are you wearing glasses?"  (So that I can see...)

     "How come you haven't worn 'em before?  (Well, I have...)

     "Are those real?"  (Umm...yes...)

     "Mrs. C, you look a teacher!"  (Really?  What a coincidence!)

And it wasn't just the glasses that bamboozled them.....
     "What's on your neck?"  (I think it's called a necklace.)

      "Is that real?"  (A real necklace? Yes.)

     "Are those diamonds?"  (Umm...Sure.)
     Really.  Sometimes my kids just make it too easy!  But I have to say that I'm a sucker sometimes, too.  A sucker for a good deal. 
     For the record, I hate wearing glasses, and I try to avoid wearing green near my face.  So, it would only make sense that I would wear a green sweater and a pair of (prescribed) glasses with green frames, right? 
     I actually do love the color of this sweater, but the arrow that struck my heart was the extra sixty-five percent off of the $19.99 price tag.  Seriously, how could I pass that up?  Even if the color isn't the most flattering... and it takes me a little eXXtra effort to get my arms through the size XXSP sleeves...

     And the pants! Ok, here's a serious question: 
Would you pass up a pair of "final sale" wool trousers that are (1) too big in the waist, (2) have somewhat of an ill-fit in the hips, and (3) have pockets that seem to add an extra two inches to your hips? 

How about if they cost more than $70...? 

How about if, after several price reductions, they end up costing you less than $6!!!  Would you then take the risk of purchasing them?! 

 Well, even if you wouldn't, like I said, I'm a sucker.

By the way, as much as I love these shoes, they actually hurt my feet more than a pair of 3.5" heels.  But.
They were marked down to such a great price that they begged to come home with me.

Nighty-night, all!

the pieces:
Sweater - Loft (recent purchase)
Yellow Tank - Old Navy (old)
Blue/White Pinstriped Scarf - Gap (Winter 2009)
Grey Wool Trousers - Loft (recent purchase)
Flats (w/small wedge heel) - Steven by Steve Madden "Blendi", DSW (Winter 2009)


  1. You're too funny! You shop just like me, sometimes to my own peril. I have a bag of "good deals" just waiting to be altered. That bag has been sitting there for months. :) I'm glad I am not the only one who cannot pass up a steal!

    Love the sweater, esp. the color. And I like the glasses look. Think of them as an accessory, not a neccessity. ;)

    Style in General

  2. Oooh..! I like that idea of using my glasses as " accessory, not a necessity"! I will definitely apply that philosophy...but first I need some new frames that (I think) would be more complimentary on my face.
    Thank you for empathizing with me on the difficulty of passing up a good deal. You know, for folks like us, the first step is to admit that we have a problem. The second step involves seeking out a specific type of therapy to help deal with this new's called retail therapy. So,Designgirl, on to step two!!!

  3. Kisch, It's not about money, it's not about lizards, it's not about grass, it's not about ST Pattys Day, it's not about the JOLLY RANCHER, It's all about YOU IN GREEN, for it is truly YOUR COLOR and I am full of envy...almost. SEG