Friday, February 11

School Spirit

Happy Friday everyone!   This is a quick "jeans and t-shirt" post. 

Fridays are "jeans days" for us, but only if worn with a school spirit tee.   Since I find it difficult to do a jeans/t-shirt/tennis shoes look, I try to come up with a versatile look that allows me to show my school spirit, but also allows me to have a cute outfit should I end up "elsewhere" after school on a Friday afternoon...

Here's what I wore today:
"Panther Proud"
School Spirit

Pink Pashmina
Style Spirit

the pieces:
Pink (not purple) Pashmina Shawl - several years old from ?
Four-Pocket Cardigan - Gap (Winter '10)
Jeans - Gap
Wool Socks - TJ Maxx (Winter '09)
Taupe Boots - Target (Winter '09-'10)

So...that's it!
Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

1 comment:

  1. I think you did a great job of creating an outfit around the tee-shirt that you can also go places in!
    Love the look of the boots too! :)