Monday, May 9

Give Me Libertine or Give Me...(a) Dress!


First of all, NO!!!  I did not wear this dress to school today!  (Umm...I like my job and want to keep it!)

But I did wear this on Saturday night to a great, casual backyard crawfish boil. (sidenote:  although I am married to a down-to-the-roots Louisiana man, I do not partake in the crawfish peeling/sucking...yesyesyes, this is such a travesty...IknowIknow.)
Anyway, after owning this dress for the past couple of months, this is the first time I've worn it.  Here are the pros and cons of this Libertine for Target piece:

  • STRIPES!!!  Need I say more?
  • ridiculously cute
  • great color combo
  • can be flattering
  • cute puffy sleeves
  • very versatile...this may be worn as a tunic or a tee with pants, leggings, shorts...a beach cover-up...and other creative ways that I have yet to discover
  • don't sit down recklessly!
  • double-think those video dance moves!
  • dropped that earring? careful when you bend down!
  • big sneeze coming on?...don't lean over too far!
  • keep fist-pumping to a minimum
  • wanna wear higher heels?...pick the right style or you might risk looking like a, er, lady of the night (ahem) 
Ok.  That's it.  Looks like the score is 6-6.  So, the fact that I think this dress is versatile, adorable and "sessy" (that's my way of saying "sexy", not "sassy") is enough for a tie-breaker!  This dress is a keeper!

Once again, I hope that everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day (whether your the mother or the mothered)!  I hope you enjoyed my special post about my special little nut!



  1. You look mighty cute in that dress!! The color combo is perfection! Glad to hear you didn't wear it to work, you students would be crushing on the young, cute teacher ;)

  2. I really like that you wore flats with this dress to keep it cool and casual. This one is a little dangerous because of the length but I think you look great in it. The stripes and colors your just so much fun and teachers can be a little sessy too!

  3. We really need to meet up sometime. I love your style!!! I need some tips. :)

  4. With legs like yours you can absolutely pull off a short & sassy little dress like that!

  5. Oh my goodness, you look incredible in that dress! I love it! Excuse me while I go work out my legs some more so maybe I can pull that off one day...

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  6. You look amazing in that dress, girl! As long as you don't break out into a booty dance, you'll be good. =) Ha, otherwise, it might become *literally* a booty dance, right? lol But seriously, I love that little dress!

  7. Cute Casual Look...Love the colors..


  8. You look so good in that dress! I ended up returning the 2 designer collection dresses I bought because I didn't even need to bend over for it to be a little. . . uh, scandalous. :)


  9. I love this dress on you. I am so into stripes this season and the blue/green combo is perfect!