Tuesday, May 24

Role Figure... of Speech

{Jacket - Gap (old), Top - TJMaxx, Shorts - Express (old), Shoes - Bandolino (old)}

Have you ever been in a situation where you're around a bunch of children and, heaven forbid, you had to be the adult?

As this school year comes to a close, so will the end of my (unofficially titled) "Tales of My Fourth Period Class" series.  The following just may be the last installment....

So....in reviewing Figures of Speech today, I asked my wonderfully creative and exuberant fourth period class to come up with an original figure of speech.  Since that was pretty tough to do, most of them recited ones that they've heard before ("The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree"...  "Raining cats and dogs"...you get the picture.)

Oftentimes with this group, I "allow" (read: they do it anyway) them to share freely without having strict parameters...you know, like, raising hands, waiting to be called on...those type of school-related-freedom-sanctioning-rules-that-are-set-in-place-to-promote-an-appropriate,-controlled,-and well-behaved environment. 

Anyway, while the conversation ensued and I briefly turned my attention to my computer, a volcano of laughter erupted.  I turned and looked around at the sea of faces that were ALL cracking up. 

One kid fell out of his seat.  Several were doubled over.  Even the quiet ones were laughing their butts off. 

And with this group, I'm the kind of teacher that says, "Hey!  What did I miss?  What's so funny?!" versus "Silence, everyone!" (or something like that which promotes an appropriate, controlled, and well-behaved environment).

After I was able to get the attention of one student (who sits next to my desk), I finally learned what was so funny.

One boy across the room had quietly whispered an "example" of a figure of speech to another boy, who always takes any opportunity to gain attention, and thus blurted out the "example":

There is a poster.
Of a squirrel.
With a caption stating,
"It's all fun and games
until somebody loses a nut."

(insert dramatic pause to allow for your reaction)

Mmm-hm.  Yup.  That's what I'm workin' with.

Although, you know, I have to be honest. 

My initial response was to laugh.  (come on, it is kinda funny...but sorry if that's not up your sense-of-humor-alley)

My second-initial (and simultaneous) response was to recall that I am the adult in the room and should act accordingly.

My third-initial (and simultaneous) response was to press my lips together to keep any semblance of a smile or laughter from escaping.

Then, I tried to give the "stink-eye" to the two boys across the room, but then I had to look away because the "originator" of this "example" was sheepishly looking at me, unsure of whether or not I would laugh or "wrath", but then looking at the sheepish expression on his face was just as funny that I wanted to crack up at that, too, but I knew that if I did the kids would mistake it for me laughing at the "example" which I originally thought was actually funny but had to supress my laughter cuz I'm the adult in the room).....(remember?)!


So.  I turned back to my computer without saying anything for a moment.  At that point, everyone had quieted down as they, too, were curious as to what my response would be (you could feel the nervousness settling over everyone now). 

As the adult in the room, I gathered my composure and with my most mature-sounding voice, I said, "Let's move on." 

Yeah, I know. 
I mean, I had no choice. 
I had to come down on 'em really hard. 
After all, I was the adult. 
And I had to make sure that I maintained an appropriate, controlled, well-behaved environment.



  1. Hahahaha! Girl, you are too good. I would have let a chuckle or two slip!

  2. Haha!! That is so funny! I don't know if I could have kept a straight face!

    I love your colorful outfit today! The turquoise and pink and white... It's gorgeous!

  3. HAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha! I'm impressed you were able to hold it in. Really, truly impressed.

  4. Such a great story! I would have a tough time maintaining a straight face!! Love the outfit today, that shirt is super cute!!

  5. I love your outfit. And your story.

  6. That is HILARIOUS. My oldest child is 6 and he already says things that I have to control my laughter and be the adult over. Sucks. But I want him to be normal, ha! Cute jacket, by the way!