Wednesday, May 25

Come Rhyme With Me

{Hat - so old, I forgot; Jacket - Gap (very old); Top - Kenar, Marshall's; Pants - Gap (2010), Shoes - Steve Madden}

Feel like rhyming what I say.
Just tell you a little about my day.

A buck for Hat Day, and wore this hat.
Was likened to an artist, a kid, and an Italian man who's fat.

Started off with a faculty meeting...
Got to see overall assessment scores for Reading.

Before finding out who didn't pass the test,
Followed our meeting with a retiree breakfast.

One bite of a kolache. That was that.
Ridiculous pain.  Time to get that tooth looked at.

First period was lots of fun.
Took third outside to get some sun.

Thought there was gonna be a pizza party, so skipped lunch.
Then came fourth know about that bunch.

Realized pizza was the next day.
During sixth, tummy got a little "rum-blay".

During seventh, kid gave some attitude, then gave more.
Had to put him in his place.  MY name's above the door.

Hadn't had kids stay for tutoring in a while,
But had two today, so stayed 'til five.

Left soon after that, burned outta the parking lot.
Stopped at the sitter to pick up my tot.

Came home and did my "after school thing".
Now sitting here, typing. Aaaand dozing.

Tried hard, but kinda fell asleep.
Really should be trying to fix something to eat. 

Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe
Cook? Fast food?  Yes or No?

Either way, gotta go.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. That hat is adorable!! And I love your rhymes. =)

  2. loving the rhymes!! The color combinations are great, you look fab!

  3. Your hat is adorable! Gotta love a jean jacket too. I was entertained by your rhyming also :)

  4. Haha -- love the rhyme! That hat is so cute with the rolled pants and denim jacket; it's sort of a 1930's newsboy look.

  5. Too cute (both the outfit and the rhyme)!

  6. I love that hot on you!! You look so chic!!

  7. Absolutely adore this outfit...SO chic!