Thursday, May 5

Love is in the Air

So the showering of Teacher Appreciation continues...

Cardigan - Gap, Tee - INC/Macy's, Halter Dress - Gap, Shoes - Michael Kors "Amber" Wedge Sandal/Macy's

First, our Student Council treated us to a wonderful breakfast.
Secondly, one of my students in my first period class arrived bearing gifts.  Do ya see that adorable cuff bracelet full of bling that has found a new home on my wrist?  Yep.  That, along with an adorable pair of pink and blue earrings, was from her and her twin brother (who is a "member" of my infamous fourth period class). 
The rest of the day was sprinkled with gift cards, gift certificates, and coupons to local vendors!  What a day!

But seriously, it's really not about the treats and the gifts.  It is the simplicity in the recognizing the blood, sweat, and tears that educators put forth in our attempts to help to produce educated citizens who will go on and contribute positively to the world we live in.  I am in no way attempting to overshadow any other profession out there.  However, there are many folks (I'm sure not any of you) who think that educators merely sit on our rears, collect a paycheck for ten months, and then also get paid to "vacation" for two months.  To those people, I dare them to last one week in my shoes. 

I think they would change their minds.

And not because I walk around my classroom in three-and-a-half-inch heels.

But because it's tough out in there.

For teacher appreciation week, I think any teacher would say that he/she would merely appreciate

more respect,

more motivated students,

more involved parents,

even better compensation.

Oh!  And maybe a donut or two every morning.  :)

Thanks for "listening" to my PSA!


  1. Preach it, girl! Seriously, I'm not a teacher, but I have so many friends who are and it's unbelievable how unappreciated they are! I'm so glad your students (and their parents) love and appreciate you!

    From one belted cardi club member to another, I love yours! ;) And that skirt is gorgeous!

  2. LOVE this outfit - you are fantastic!! How sweet of your students!

    Your post is so true! My sister and brother (and sometimes I think my mom also) believe that I have an easy job but they wouldn't last a day. Teaching is HARD work!