Thursday, May 26

Wanted: WBD

{Button-down - very old Express; Skirt - Gap; Shoes - Steve Madden}

First of all, WBD doesn't stand for a Wittle Black Dress.  Or White Bustier Dress.  Or anything else that I can't creatively think of on my own right now.

I used to think that a crisp, white, button-down shirt (WBD) was a must-have piece for every woman's wardrobe.  There are many attitudes that this type of blouse can create for an outfit.  Sexy.  Confident. Playful.  Coy.  Serious.  I could keep going on, but I'll refrain (mainly because of that lack of creativity thing right now)

I still think that a white button-down is a staple, but doggone it!  Why is it so hard to find one that fits correctly in the shoulders, chest, and waist...has the right length...doesn't move when you do...but also doesn't keep you confined so that you can't even raise your arms?? 

Perfect WBD, where are you?!?

If you come across the Perfect WBD, please immediately report its whereabouts to:
KC @

A reward will not be given.

But a thank you will.


  1. I, for one, demand...DEMAND, I tell you...a no-iron WBD. That being said, it's even harder to find one than ever. Here are a couple of places to try: Chicos (their sizes run just a tad large on me, but I'm kinda small), Brooks Brothers (I know, EXPENSIVE), but it'll probably fit exactly right...can't think of any others right now...maybe Eddie Bauer, but they've sortof redone how they do things and I haven't been in in awhile. Good luck, Kish!!

  2. Check out Avon. They have I believe a 3-in-1 WBD. It was a couple of books ago, but you might be able to find it online. Usually they have pretty decent prices too. Good luck!

  3. I'm liking the larger photos. Or are they closer up? No, definitely bigger. :)

    I wish I knew where to point you for a WBD. My old Tommy Hilfiger one has seen better days and should probably be given a proper burial. But like you, I can't really find anything to replace it.

    I like yours styled here though. You look really fresh and I like the cuff with it too.


  4. Hi! I saw that you stopped by my blog awhile ago. I love your style and unexpected ways of putting looks together.

    I love crisp white shirts all year long! still on the search myself...

  5. I know exactly what you mean Kish....or when you find the perfect fit the sleeves are the wrong length! Love this outfit btw ;)

  6. I have never found the perfect one! I do like the one you have on and that skirt is so cute!

  7. I love this look very classic and fresh! J crew has some really great fits, but you're right it's definitely a hard find.

  8. you make me want to bring this skirt out! i love it with the classic white button down.