Wednesday, May 4

It's beginning to look a lot like...
the pieces: Tunic - Banana Republic, Pants - Express Side Zip Editor, Shoes - Vince Camuto "Neven"

21 days left to the moment where every teacher in our building stands along the bus ramp and wave at the kids as the buses drive off for the last time for this school year.  Oh, such a bittersweet moment. ;)

Although, this year has not been without it challenges, I've thoroughly enjoyed the group of students that I've had.  And I think they've kinda enjoyed me, too.  Hence, as this is teacher appreciation week, I (unexpectedly) received the following two items (one from an individual student, the other from one class). 


It's nice to feel as though their is some significance to the many hours that have been spent with these kiddos.  As a matter of fact, in the mail today, I received an invitation to the graduation/party of a student whom I taught during my first year as a teacher! 

Time sure does fly, which definitely makes me appreciate my own kiddo even more!  By the way, stay tuned for a special Mother's Day post inspired by P (aka the Nut...aka the Boss)!


{outfit afterthoughts: lovelovelove this top, but always wanted a button-down and not really a tunic...the pockets in the front and the tunic-style make it a little difficult to wear and add a few extra bulges here and there...but i really like the (unseen) ruffle detail around the collar, the sleeves, and the shade of blue!}


  1. Awww what a sweet group of kids you have! And that totally reminds me... I need to pick up something or bake something for my little guy's teacher tomorrow!

    I love the way you styled your shirt! You look fantastic. We kind of think alike.. I was wearing red gingham with black skinnies today. =)

  2. Wow, your students really love you!! As a parent, I commend you for all that you do! For the endless hours and the loving way you care for those kiddos--THANK YOU! Oh, and this outfit, is super fly! ;) 21....

  3. That is so incredibly sweet!
    I may have said it before, but it's worth saying again... lurve the shoes!

  4. My mom works in an elementary school and they don't get out until the end of June this year. Frowny face.

    You look pretty cute in that tunic! I'm kind of surprised I haven't come across your blog before - I see lot's of outfits on here that are right up my alley!


  5. Very Cute shoes! Now following :-)