Monday, May 2

Quick Post

I've just sat down to reflect and share a good story from today.
But the boss is calling me as we speak (...or as I type).
He's found his old knee pads in the depths of one of his toy bins, and now he's telling me that it's time to go outside and ride his bike. 
"For real, mom.  Let's go.....pleeeeeease!"

I just tried to ward him off for a couple of minutes by telling him to go and ask his step-brother to get his bike out of the garage. 
"I can do it, mom.  I'm a big boy," he's telling me.

Maybe tomorrow I'll have something juicy.
But I'll also still have a boss.
So, actually, we'll just have to see what he feels like tomorrow.

By the way, this week is Teacher Appreciation Week!

Don't forget to show some love to all the educators out there who work tirelessly to earn the two months of vacation that are almost upon us (and that is so close that I can smell those couple of extra hours of sleep)!

Seriously, gotta go!  P is pulling my hand away from the computer!  He wasn't able to get the bike out by himself, so now I have to do it. 

Why?  Because...

"You're a big girl, Mom.  You can do it."  (Yes, this is what he just told me!  Kids, I tell ya!)


  1. LOOOOVE this outfit! Cropped pants are so fabulous on you and I love the necklace with the striped top.

    Kids are great, aren't they? My daughter tells me that I'm a big girl too. :)

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  2. Ha, I just love it when my little guy says stuff like that! Too funny! You look fabulous!!

  3. I love the outfit both with the jacket and without. So cute.

  4. You look gorgeous! Great look!!